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I’m Greg Hartley

Body Language and Behavior Expert Focused on Application to Daily Life and Business.

Uncommon skills for everyday life derived from Two Careers.

A Career in Human Intelligence

Former Army Interrogator

Interrogation Instructor

Resistance to Interrogation Instructor

Elicitation Instructor

Author of 10 Books on Body Language and Behavior

A Career in Business

20 + Year Career In The Corporate World as a Business Transformation Executive.


Operating Partner in an Advisory and Merchant Banking  Firm.


Learn The Skills You Want The Way You Want.
Unlock a New Mindset

I am a creator or co-creator of several  methods for  YOU to learn about body language and behavior.  From free  to subscription lessons and books they are all designed to give you the skills We have learned in life.

The Behavior Panel

Body Language Tactics

Body Language Membership

Body Language Jumpstart

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Jury selection, Deposition, and Witness Preparation

Interview Skills

For Media and Candidate Selection.

Interview Coaching

Ace that big interview by sending congruent messaging and conveying the same message with words and actions.


Keynotes and Workshops with application.

What Body Language IS What Body Language IS NOT

Movies and pop culture get this wrong all the time .  There are some biologically hardwired things we all do from birth and even these are impacted by culture and experience to create a single baseline for each individual like a body language fingerprint.

Baseline is everything

What is abnormal for one person is a mere habit for another. You must learn to discern if the toe tapping and fingernail clicking is just normal or something is causing a change.

Culture Matters

Everyone, barring disability, is born capable of the same movements but when a small child runs in the room using a gesture that is taboo, like the middle finger a parent stops it.  That is one impact of culture on body language and communication. There are many.

There are no absolutes

No.  Scratching the nose, covering the mouth or ears, and looking away are not meaningful alone. You need the baseline.

This is not mystical

This isn’t some magical power in fact it is downright mundane.  The skill set is about noting what a person normally does along with some biological basics and starting to observe and note baseline and deviation.

It is a life long process

I started In my twenties and every year and day since I  have learned something new not always from an “expert” either.

Your life creates a unique skill set

Because you have different experiences and knowledge from any other person how you apply the skills will be unique to YOU.  If you knew the same things I know now you would apply the skills through a different lens. ENJOY.

About Greg


Greg Hartley combines deep expertise of how business works with equal expertise in how people work.

Greg was an Arabic speaking interrogator who deployed as interrogation and language support for a Special Forces “A Team” in Operation Desert Storm.
As an instructor and subject matter expert for body language and behavior Greg was recognized by the US army for his expertise and awarded the peer granted Knowlton Award.

Greg trained special operations soldiers to resist interrogation and worked as an anti-terror instructor as well as a principal protection instructor. Since leaving the US ARMY Greg has continued his career as a recognized body language and behavior expert appearing in on Podcasts, Radio and Television as well as in Print.

The author of ten books on body language and human behavior Greg has appeared on every major network. While maintaining his credentials in the human behavior field as an author and speaker Greg has expanded his knowledge of human behavior to the corporate world through a stellar career as a Business Improvement Executive and General Manager.. He has now turned his expertise in business to defining areas of weakness, and his expertise in people to prevent deception in the process.